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#MomCrushMonday – Contributor Joann Fox

WAHM/D, SAHM/D, Work out of the home or other?

* Work full-time outside of the home

 # of Kids? Ages?

* Son (8) Daughter (4 – going on 16 in personality 😉

What movie makes you cry?

* Every movie makes me cry at some point (other with laughter or with sadness). The latest ugly cry movie I watched was ‘Man Down’.

Tell us about a mom/dad who inspires you?

* I can’t pick just one. I’m inspired by all of my mom friends and how they strive to be the best moms to their kids!

What’s the fondest memory you have of your life as a mom/dad so far? The biggest challenge?

* Fondest memory – the “firsts” – first word, steps, ice cream, swim…all of them…
* Biggest challenge – juggling work and motherhood. Trying to give 100% for both!

Would you rather be able to see 10 minutes into your own future or 10 minutes into the future of anyone but yourself? Why?

* Hmmmm….10 minutes into the future of whomever I’m with. Why? – so I can see how my actions/words may impact them

You and your oldest child switch bodies for an hour. What do they do? What do you do?

Haha – he would probably explore his new body parts and I would try peeing standing up!
Joann is a full-time working proud mama of two.  She spends most of her weekends at the rink watching her son play hockey or taking her daughter to dance and gymnastics classes.  On her spare time (what’s that?), Joann loves to cook and believes most of life’s problems melt away with a good bowl of spaghetti and meatballs.  She is passionate about her life as a mom and shares her stories at & Facebook